The pages aim to guide new players through the Standard Battle ladder of Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile. This assumes you are already familiar with the very basics of the game; if you aren't, please check out the Beginner's guide.

A list of all of the matches in the standard battle mode can be found here.

First win

Winning your first match!

Area 1Edit

Area 1

Area 1. The green tick indicates that battle has been completed.

There are four fights in Battle 2. Low level AI tends to play poorly: rarely blocking, attacking back, and often not using specials even when they have maximum power. Watch out for Sinestro/Prime; tagging out against him will give him power. Completing it for the first time yields Regime Catwoman and 1380 credits (4110 total including the first log in bonus and the tutorial).

The random mini-boss at the end of Battle 5 is the earliest stage in which you encounter an opponent with a second power bar unlocked. Try to prevent them from reaching two bars (power drain, such as that on the special 1 on Nightwing/Prime, who is given to all players after the tutorial, or Lex Luthor/Prime if you have him), and if they did, it's essential to block or their special 2 will do immense damage in this early stage.

You do not have to do the battles in the same order.

You gain experience and credits for every fight you win, and reduced experience and no credits if you lose. While you generally get a larger amount of credits for the first time you complete a battle, you would often have to redo a battle to gain experience and credits to strengthen your team. It is difficult to win some fights without a team that meets their level at bare minimum, especially for new and inexperienced players.

Battle 7 contains the 1st boss battle against a super-powerful version of Green Lantern with 1030 damage and 1980 health, proving to be very tough to fight against, even more so if your device suffers from the ring construct graphical glitch. His heavy basic attacks deal 123 damage total and can knock off almost a third of your health (assuming same level) with just one combo. His special 1 is strong enough to knock off the majority of your health, so don't let him perform it! Power drain - especially multiple power drains from both Nightwing and Lex Luthor - will reduce his threat. Upon reaching 40% health, his passive activates, causing him to take halved damage for several seconds, so save your heavy hits.

Note that this version of Green Lantern is a red, or "boss" card, which not only gives him higher-than-possible stats but also access to all Green Lantern abilities, even those you have never encountered. Among them is Lead Rain, Regime Green Lantern's special 2, which has a high chance of stunning the target (aka you) if unblocked. If he does this with two bars of power, this would almost spell certain death.

The reward is worth the trouble though, granting more experience than any previous fights and a whopping 6660 power credits for the first completion. By this point, you should have almost half the credits required to buy the very useful Starter Pack, more if you repeated some fights.

Finally, Bonus Battle 1: it gives even more experience (more than twice of the regular battles) and decent credits. While it costs 2 energy per fight, it is much faster in terms of number of fights. While it is longer than any previous fights, the mini-boss, Regime Solomon Grundy, is actually easier than Green Lantern, and beating it the first time awards 7540 credits and The Flash/Prime. This battle is also a good place to farm when starting out.

Area 2Edit


Area 2.

Even the 1st battles of Area 2 are a real struggle with the bronze cards you start out with; it's advised to train up your characters by repeating battles in Area 1 first.

Another danger is Harley Quinn/Prime, who has an s2 that allows her to deal unblockable damage or provide the team with a strong damage boost or heal. Try to avoid allowing her to generate two bars of power.

Battle 10 (the third battle in Area 2) is the first to have a handicap (other than "Power Surge", which gives both teams faster power generation), Dampening Field, which causes your team (but not the AI team) to generate power at a decreased rate, making the fight a tedious drag, which is the first roadblock in Area 2.

If you managed to get through that, the final fight in Battle 10 introduces silver cards - about three times as strong as their peers - stronger than the Boss Green Lantern and aided by another two bronzes. Becoming a recurring fixture in Battle 11, their s1 can potentially hit over 1000 damage, well over the maximum health of bronze cards you have without extensive training by repeating battles, and even their basic attack combo can deal around 200 damage.

Regime Bane is the first silver card encountered. His passive, Venom Rage, gives him 25% increased damage for 6 seconds when he falls under 40% health (signified by a red glow), allowing for a dangerous burst of damage. Solomon Grundy Regime is particularly useful here if you are given him (bronze cards are not worth purchasing at this stage); not only does he have very high base health for a bronze card, his passive allows him to instantly regenerate 25% of his maximum health, negating any overran damage (e.g. if he only has 10 health left and takes a 1000 damage hit, it won't transfer to his regenerated 25% health), and both of Regime Bane's specials does one hit. His s2, Venom Uppercut, can do over 2000 damage while his passive is active, and a large amount of damage can be absorbed with Grundy's passive.

While Catwoman, the first silver opponent in Battle 11, could be manageable, the following Regime Sinestro is not so forgiving - for his passive grants him 25% of his total power whenever you switch characters, making it impossible to share the damage or rotate your specials on him without taking way too much damage.

Battle 12 is surprisingly easier than 11 (remember that you don't have to follow the order) at first, but Cyborg/Regime shows up in the third fight, with an unprecedented health of over 3000. Luckily, by now you should have at least 45,000 credits; grind Bonus Battle 1 just a bit more and you'll get the starter pack and advance to a new stage of the game.

The following assumes you bought the Starter Pack .

Batman is a fair gold card for new players and a big jump in base stats: even at Level 1, his 700 (effectively 875 due to his passive) damage and 1100 health rivals even the strongest bronze cards at Level 15.

The silver cards, Wonder Woman and Regime Doomsday are also decent, approaching level 15 bronze cards by the time they reach level 5. Wonder Woman has one of the most powerful passives as a silver card: upon blocking a hit, the next special she uses gains 50% damage, stacking up to 3 times. Regime Doomsday's next special is unblockable if he deals a knock out blow.

For Batman, who would be your main fighter for some time, upgrade to Way of the Bat (costs 4000 credits), his special 2, as soon as possible; it does over six times the damage of his special 1, Explosive Batarang. Explosive Batarang is a bit of a Morton's Fork case: it is a stun, that prevents your opponent from doing anything for a few seconds so you can use a special unblocked, but it is so slow it is hard to use it on anything other than low level AI who rarely blocks in the first place, making it unnecessary.

Training Batman & co. up to at least level 10 - this shouldn't take long - and they will be able to handle most silvers in area 2. Regime Sinestro becomes far less an issue. Simply have Batman first in your team and fight him till he's knocked out and don't tag in anyone else.

The next fight has Black Adam. His passive grants him a shield with three charges that causes you to take 50% damage of every hit you land on him. Additionally, it flinches you when you hit him with basic attacks. It's best to pop the shield with three basic attacks to minimize damage taken, but be careful not to tap/swipe too rapidly - the flinch may cause you to take his specials without the time to block it.

The final fight has Insurgency Lex Luthor. He has a lot of health (3675 including his passive) and he increases his teammates health by 25% as well, and his frequent power drains can be annoying. While his power drains don't do too much damage, his second special, Orbital Strike, can do over 3000 damage! Power drain is a great way of handling him. Thankfully, his accomplices are weak and easily defeated so you can focus on him quickly.

The last two battles of Battle 13 contains Knightfall Bane and Solomon Grundy/Prime.

The former's main danger comes in the form of his second special, Thundering Dropkick, which can also do over 3000 damage (in addition to looking and sounding cool), and that his passive, Venom Overdose, gives him vastly increased power generation for 6 seconds when he drops below 40% health. Avoid hitting him with basic attacks during this period - his power can rapidly fill and cause him to hit you with Thundering Dropkick unexpectedly.

The latter does little damage in comparison - his special 2, Swamp Hands, is a stun and deals only half damage - but he has a ton of health and his passive gives him half his health back when you first reduced his health to zero, and the battle has the regeneration handicap that heals him for a small amount every second. However, it should only take a couple Way of the Bats to wear him down.

Battle 14 starts taking 3 bars of energy per fight, so you may have to wait longer between fights. In the first fight, you have to defeat The Joker; tag out if he uses his special 2, Laughing Gas - otherwise, it will deal additional damage over time and reduce your damage output by 20%. Additionally, the character who knocks him out will lose 30% of their maximum health.

At the end of the battle, you will finally meet the boss of area 2 and fear itself - Regime Sinestro. With a damage stat of 2349, he can potentially hit up to around 1500 with his special 1 and 4500 with his special 2. While Batman should by far be your strongest fighter, power draining with another character is barely of any use here: Regime Sinestro's passive gives him 25% of his total power, or 1.5 bars if you tag out and back in. His 5480 health also means it takes a long time for him to go down. Try teaming Batman with two "support" characters instead (like New 52 Green Lantern, which gives him a bit of health, and bronze Lex Luthor, who gives him a good amount of damage). With Lex's damage boost, it would go much quicker. Defeating this boss for the first time grants 11060 Power Credits, and will unlock area 3.

Bonus Battle 2 has the Radiation and Power Surge handicaps. Both teams have increased power generation, and you will lose 0.5% of your maximum health every second. Beating it for the first time gives you Sinestro/Prime (sadly not really relevant at this point) and a very nice 12,240 credits.

Area 3Edit


Area 3.

Enemies would start to block more and more often. There are ways to avoid your specials being blocked (see the block page); but if you are a new player (and possible getting sore fingers already from your spam tapping), Super Moves are the way to go. At just level 20, if he is teamed with Lex Luthor, Batman's super can do over 5500 damage. Super Moves does a large amount of unblockable damage in one hit, so avoid using it when your opponent is already at low health (Way of the Bat can knock them out and spill over some damage to the next target)

By the time you reach the end of area 3, you should have at least 75,000 credits (more if you grind the previous battles). While the Red Son Pack is generally considered the best way to advance over all, it is not a permanent pack (and its 400,000 credits price tag is not very feasible right now even though it is very cost efficient); if it is not available, try your luck at the discounted Gold Booster Pack for 75,000 credits. There are a great variety of cards to be obtained from this pack, from the cheap yet effective Regime Black Adam to the mighty yet impractical Shazam. The cards you receive from this pack will give you random and unique paths through middle game.

You may start to see cards with the roman numerals "I" or "II" in the top left hand corner. For what that means, see Promotion.

Enemy teams will almost always include two silver cards with over 3000 and later even over 4000 health, and the final battle has all-silver teams. It's a great time to start training your team to level 20 if you haven't already (although it is possible, albeit difficult, to beat it at level ~10). Battle 8 (the first battle in area 2) is good for this purpose. If you have the bronze Lex Luthor, consider using him instead of Regime Doomsday; the latter's passive is largely useless, Lex's passive's affect on Batman and Wonder Woman will make up for the damage difference between them, and he brings a useful power drain.

Battle 15 starts with Wonder Woman, the same as the one you got from the starter pack. The number of buffs can be seen under the health bar; she tends to block more often than other cards at this level, and her special 1 alone would do devastating damage if you allow her to reach three charges.

Regime Doomsday is later in the battle; again, he's like your own card - next special is unblockable upon knock-out blow, except it is much more useful to the AI. If you lose a character, you're probably going to keep losing.

Battle 16 is all about fast power generation; the first fight contains both Knightfall Bane and Regime Cyborg. Regime Nightwing also shows up later.

Later, Solomon Grundy and Regime Flash may be tedious, as Grundy's passive gives him 6336 effective health and Regime Flash's passive improves his otherwise slow attack speed.

The last fight is the first full-silver team - Regime Nightwing, Regime Bane and Regime Green Lantern. This can get quite difficult: Regime Nightwing takes halved damage from basic attacks, his s1 power drains, Regime Bane's passive gives him a lethal spike of damage and Regime Green Lantern gives him entire team significantly faster power generation. A good way to deal with this fight is for Batman to take Regime Nightwing's basic attacks until Nightwing reaches 1 bar, then tag in someone else to absorb his power drain (preferably someone with a power drain so they could drain him instead if he decides not to use his s1 and prevent him from building to his s2, Kali Fury).

Battle 17 has the "Chaos" handicap, which causes you to have no control of tagging in and out (they will tag in and out randomly). This can get very frustrating and luck-based, and power drain's effectiveness becomes more limited.

Battle 18 has the "random enemies" handicap: you can't see who your opponents until you enter the match, and they change every time. Finally, you face the most powerful version of Regime Bane you've ever faced: with 2553 damage and 4600 health, he is both difficult to take down and can potentially hit over 6000 with Venom Uppercut if his passive is active. His difficult can vary slightly depending on his random teammates.

Battle 20 has "Countdown": you only have 2:25 to defeat your opponents or you automatically lose. A slight hidden advantage of Super Moves is that the timer doesn't run during a super but it will run - a lot - during a special, but you really shouldn't take that long. The final fight has two silvers: Black Adam and Regime Flash, the latter of which can deal over 5000 damage with his special 2, Power Kick; Black Adam's special 2 does halved damage because it's a power drain (remember the previous notes on dealing with Black Adam).

Battle 21 only has 3 matches. The first and second shouldn't be extremely difficult with multiple gold super moves, but remember dealing with Harley Quinn in the second match (don't let her get two bars). Finally, you face Regime Doomsday the first card with an abbreviated stat: 12k health. His damage isn't very high though; his s1 doesn't hit over 2000 and he is alone. Just be careful not to lose any character to him or his next special will be unblockable. Beating this match for the first time yield 13,460 Power Credits and access to area 4.

Bonus Battle 3 shouldn't be too much of an issue until you come across The Joker at elite 2 with 4264 damage and 8064 health. Aided by his teammates, even his s1 can hit up to 3000! Once again, power drain is excellent in handling him. Also try not to let Insurgency Harley Quinn reach two bars: it will either allow her to deal unblockable damage, heal her whole team, or give them a damage boost - Joker's s2 can hit up to almost 7000 if the boost is applied! Train your second gold card to level 20 and try to stall long enough for both of your golds to use their super moves on him. Using basic attacks on The Joker will only give him more power.

Wonder Woman in the next battle is a bit of a milestone. With 3 stacks of her passive, her s2 can hit up to 10000 damage and even her s1 can easily hit over 3000. Thankfully, she has less health. Do not let her have 3 stacks and more than one power bar at any time.

The next fight is a bigger milestone - the first gold card, Regime Black Adam. His passive is similar to the silver Black Adam, but much more powerful: it will cause you to take 75% of the damage dealt from your first three hits (including super moves) on him when he tags in. However, if you hit him with your s1, you take double damage! Be very careful even if you are using super moves, since even 75% of your super move can smack off 2/3 of your health bar.

Arkham Harley Quinn in the following fight can be a real pain: her special 2 can either do up to 4500 unblockable damage, heal her team or give them a deadly damage boost. Additionally, her passive gives her team 25% more maximum health (so she effectively has 10331 health herself).

Beating Bonus Battle 3 the first time awards you with Green Arrow/Prime (which is admittedly fairly useless as far as silver cards go) as well as 14910 Power Credits.

Area 4Edit


Area 4.

To get through this area, you will likely need a solid gold team with 3 gold characters at a minimum of level 20 to use their Super Move. Batman from the Start Pack is a great team player; Gold Booster Packs will give you the variety of gold characters you need - with 3 gold characters, even without promotions, you should be able to get into area 6.

One of the matches in battle 24 include Superman/Regime. Previously, he is infamous for being able to knock out almost any non-promoted gold characters in one hit with his unblockable Heat Vision that can hit over 13000. However, an update halved Heat Vision's damage, making him much less threatening. Nevertheless, try not to allow him to use his specials during his passive (Super Strength: 50% more damage for 6 seconds when his health falls below 40%) via power drain.

The final boss of this area is Insurgency Batman with 5796 damage and 31k health. His special 1 can hit over 3000, but his very high health is what makes this fight tedious. Even with your Batman's damage boost, it will likely take at least 4 Super Moves to take him down. Insurgency Joker, a common occurrence in Gold Booster Packs, is very useful here; after taking damage and unloading his super, he can be knocked out and this will instantly deal damage to the boss equal to 40% of his maximum health (over 12000 unavoidable damage), allowing Joker's defeat alone to pull his own weight in a team.

This boss version of Insurgency Batman is capable of using Lunge Kick as well as Way of the Bat (Prime Batman's special 2) with one power bar, although the damage is scaled down accordingly and they have slow animations and are thus easy to block. His passive allows him to do heavy basic attack damage on stunned opponents, but as the stun lasts for a very short time, and his Explosive Batarang is very slow and easily blocked to avoid the stun and does halved damage anyway, it is not that much of an issue.

Defeating him for the first time awards 16,860 Power Credits, 3 energy cards and access to area 5.

There are a some matches in the Bonus Battle 4 that could prove difficult, the fight against Doomsday in particular. Supported by his teammates, he effectively has 13k health, and his special 2 Earth Shake can hit over 9000 if unblocked. This is made far worse by the regeneration handicap, meaning that he gradually regains health, and his passive, which grants him half of his total health back when he knocks out an opponent. Try to coordinate at least two Super Moves (with at least level 30+ gold characters which you should have now by this point) and hit him in rapid succession when he tags in later in the match so he won't have the time to regenerate, and watch your own characters' health closely.

The last fight is not quite as hard, but could still be very annoying. It has the same regeneration as well as the countdown handicap, and all three opponents have ways to restore their health. Solomon Grundy instantly regains 50% of his maximum health on first knock out, Prison Superman regenerates 30% of his maximum health over 6 seconds when he falls under 40% for the first time, and Insurgency Harley Quinn has the same s2 like all other Harleys, which can make her teammates much more dangerous (Prison Superman's s2 Unstoppable can hit over 12000!) with her damage boost or drag the fight far too long than the timer would allow.

While he has a lot of health, Solomon Grundy has low damage. Using your best basic attacker to whittle him down quickly and help draw out Harley so she would be less likely to reach two bars.

Check the damage your super does (multiply with Batman's +25% damage bonus if applicable) and hit Prison Superman with one according to his health could help avoid his passive and make the match go faster, and maybe lean a bit toward the safe side. For example, if your super does 5000 damage, pop it when he is about half health.

Beating bonus battle 4 for the first time awards 17,600 Power Credits, 8 energy cards and Regime Green Lantern - a powerful and versatile silver card.

Area 5Edit


Area 5.

Most of area 5 will be extremely difficult without a team of 3 decent normal gold cards at high levels minimum.

In battle 30, look out for Bane. His damage stat is deceptively low, but his passive gives him a 25% damage boost and causes all his basics and specials to crit for 10 seconds when he falls below 40% health, allowing his s2, Lazarus Lockdown, to do over 12000 damage. Be very careful while his passive is active - simply use a good super move when he is about half health will help evading it entirely.

It is followed by another Doomsday; despite his lower health and the lack of handicaps, he is still very dangerous due to being teamed with Insurgency Harley; if she uses her team damage boost, his Earth Shake can do over 14000 damage - this is enough to one-hit kill some weaker level ~30 golds, even when blocked, and even stronger ones can easily be knocked out if they aren't at full health.

Battle 31 maybe one of the most frustratingly luck-based battle yet: Chaos (random tag in/out), regeneration (enemies regenerate health) and random enemies. The random tag makes it much harder to focus your damage while spreading enemy damage. The random enemies are stronger than ever and can contain rarely/never before seen gold cards like Killing Joke Joker (knocking him out grants his teammates full power) or Arkham Origins Deathstroke (chance of unblockable crit s1). As the random enemies do not show up as cards with names, you can't look them up on the wiki if you haven't seen them before, so you are largely on your own.

At the very end of the battle, you have to walk blind into an disproportionately difficult fight, the hardest you have ever faced by a large margin. Do not be fooled by the level shown on the card, as the actual opponents are exponentially more powerful. Among the three, there is one hidden "super boss" - their exact stats varies as they are a random character, but their damage can range from about 15000 - 21000 while their health range from about 20000 to 34000 (constantly healed by ~0.8% of maximum every second). The boss can be one of a great number of different gold characters, including Lobo/Prime, Wonder Woman/600, Batman/Arkham Origins, Batgirl/Prime, Batman/Red Son, Superman/Red Son, Deathstroke/Arkham Origins, Raven/Regime, Doomsday/Prime, Superman/Prime, Green Lantern/John Stewart and The Flash/Elseworld. They are always the middle character shown in the portraits at the beginning of the match. The pages can help you understand what they do and how to fight them (for example, Arkham Origins Batman starts with two bars of power and can instantly use Winged Avenger to do ~40000 damage), but this fight is so absurdly difficult it is much better to just quit the battle, restart, and hope for a different boss - even the Prison Superman area boss fight is much easier than this hidden boss. While his health rivals and surpasses most hidden bosses, his damage is only about a third of them and he isn't aided by two more characters, which can additionally have powerful team passives to make the hidden boss even stronger (e.g. Lex Luthor/Krypto). Note that you need to complete all battles (except the bonus battle) on the page before the next page is unlocked - complete all the battles will give great first win bonuses to improve your roster before going back to this titanic struggle.

While uncommon, it is possible to not have a gold character as the super boss. It seems that it is possible for a silver character as the boss, which raises its stats to the other gold characters' levels, but far from as strong as a gold boss. Silver bosses include Catwoman/Prime and Doomsday/Regime.

Despite the end of battle 32 advertises a hidden mini-boss, it is far easier than battle 31's boss, and indeed even less dangerous than Prison Superman. Beating the mini-boss for the first time awards 12,280 credits.

The beginning of battle 33 is something of a breather level - the triplets of characters are fairly easy to defeat up till the triple Banes. They also give 1000+ power credits each and only requiring 2 bars of energy, making it an excellent place to grind for credits. Remember you can simply do the first three (easy) matches, exit, tap on a different battle which resets your process, then go back to the beginning of battle 33 repeated to rack up credits quickly. The second match (triple Flash) is especially easy, so you can use some of your weaker cards in it to save energy on your stronger cards.

At the end of battle 35, you must defeat Prison Superman. He has a large amount of health (26k, about 34k with his passive), but his damage is manageable. Note that as a boss card, he can use Heat Vision or Freeze Breath (stops you from taking any action for a few seconds) with 1 bar of power. Defeating him for the first time awards 22,260 power credits and 4 energy cards.

Area 6 Edit


Area 6.

Area 6 is a unique stage of battles that does not follow the normal tradition sequence of battles from the earlier stages. Instead of a single boss fight after 2 teams of 3 and the end, it is a large slew of single, high powered boss cards. At this area, it is strongly recommended that you begin to elite your gold cards, as furiously leveling them up will not help at this time. This area is practically impossible at the end if you do not take this precaution.

Plain LV40 E0 cards can make it solo for some the first battle and maybe a tiny bit of the second if you team up cards, but after that you really need to start to elite your golds (as mentioned above, the first battle of area 6 is a pretty comfortable difficulty, and is a great place for farming. Use this to your advantage when trying to elite golds).

Battle 36 is the first battle, and gives an interesting twist that distinguishes it from all of the single player stages you've gone through so far. You will face 2 cards each battle, one out of the two being a mini-boss. It is not very difficult for LV40 E0/E1 golds, and can pretty much make it solo for the first few fights. The Nightwing fight is slightly more challenging as they frequently power drain at almost every opportunity and are stronger, so it is recommended you have a decoy card (remember, it is not very hard for the first few fights. Do not worry about using up 1 slot). After that, the enemies start getting a bit more tough, so you should start teaming up golds now. By this area, you may notice many cards interrupt your attacks. One way to counter this is to swipe or tap before the match begins to get a head start (not fully fool-proof). It is possible to master this move yourself, but requires much practice and timing skills.

Battle 37 has the same basis, but the enemies have much stronger stats now. A LV40 E1 gold can still get through a couple of fights solo, but then you need to start to team with other golds (more fun option) or elite more. A good team at this stage are the Red Sons.

The first few enemies will average around 15k health and 7k damage. These won't be too hard for solo golds and are still quite comfortable difficulties. However, after that the enemies get noticeably more difficult and enduring. It is recommended you have at least 2 E1 golds to get through this stage comfortably and without too much problem.

Battle 38 gives an idea of the wave of bosses at the end. In this stage, you go against many single bosses at high health and attack.

Battle 39 takes us back to the mini-boss rush battles. The first 2 are quite easy, as you face a pretty decently strong silver and mediocre bronzes. However, after these 2, the enemies being to power up, and you get 2 battles with dual silvers each at 18k health. After this, you face Wonder Woman, with 20k health and a bronze Nightwing. Get prepared, because after this, the golds start coming in.

Battle 40 and 41 are seemingly twin stages, each with random enemies and many challenges to overcome. The first one includes countdown and dampening field (slower power gen.). Using a Red Son team with RSWW is the best choice, but if you do not have any Red Sons, that's okay. This fight is still manageable with a good team of golds. The great thing is that you have a chance of facing silvers or even bronzes, so don't be too freaked out about all the VL40 enemies.

Our second stage, Battle 41, includes countdown and chaos. A bit more annoying than the last, as chaos can cause many things to go wrong.

Battle 42 is the final stage of Area 6. You will be against a large slew of very high powered bosses, the first being Regime Sinestro with a massive 54K health. This battle is quite tedious and long, and will require great endurance. You should have your golds at E2+ by now. After you face Sinestro, the next battle is Green Lantern, with only 27K. This fight is not as hard, and gives some time to cool down after you dealt with Sinestro. Enjoy it while it lasts, because after this is Regime Flash, with 50K health. But, that's not even halfway there, yet. There will be Regime Doomsday with 67K health, with Regime Black Adam having 110K health. For him, you MUST POWER DRAIN HIM before he uses his 1st special, because he MIGHT POWER DRAIN YOU.

M'kay, 'ere we go, bonus battle 6. When you first glance at it, you may freeze in fear at the mirror match and the enemies that lay ahead. Do not worry, because the mirror match is actually quite easy if dealt with correctly. It is recommended you need to at least have a card at E5 to match that of your "warped reflection", though its still possible to use lower level characters if you're using sufficient Gears.

Now that you have completed this stage, you should start getting your golds to E7, because the last 2 areas is going to be a doozier without them.

*TIP!  Bonus Battle 6 is the easiest way to farm for Power Credits - one run will earn you a little over 20,000 Power Credits. So make sure you have lots of strong characters to be able to farm lots of Credits in a small amount of time.*

Area 7 Edit


Area 7.

YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! The second to the last page in the game! Feels great, doesn't it? Well, that won't last too long. The enemies are REALLY powering up now, and many stages will have challenges. Some say they don't, but they pop up in the middle, so pay attention. Especially as one of your biggest challenge is Arkham Origins Batman, who starts with 251K health! His Winged Avenger can instantly KO'd one of your teammates. Powerful teams like Red Son, Arkham, Suicide Squad, and other useful characters who have great synergy with each other would work. One useful strategy is, if you're fortunate enough to have a character with a strong combo ender like The Arkham Knight, Deadshot, or Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight, you can equip them with Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar and instantly start power draining Batman so he cannot use an SP2. This can also work with strong power drain characters like Nightwing and Lex Luthor so they start with 1 bar of power and can power drain Batman right at the start of the battle. The Mother Box's power drain at the beginning of the match can also be an immense help. Superman/Injustice 2, The Flash/Reverse Flash, and Batman/Dawn of Justice are also excellent counters as they can potentially evade all of the damage from Winged Avenger and Batman also has a useful counter attack as well. You will see battles with different and challenging Handicaps, with possibly one of the hardest battle being the 4th Battle with both Lex Luthors and Arkham Harley as their health passives and Harley's healing with the Countdown challenge make them very notorious. Again, great teams will work. At the end, there is a mirror match, this time at E7 and level 50. This one is not hard compared to the rest of this battle.

*TIP!  Bonus Battle 7 is the fastest and easiest way to level up characters when they reached Level 46, and also Levels 50 to 54 (or 55?) when they attained Elite X promotion...unless you can deal with INSANELY POWERED-UP ELITE X LEVEL 60 BOSS CHARACTERS in Bonus Battle 8....*

Area 8Edit

THIS IS THE FINAL RIDE! Make sure that you have your strongest characters leveled up to 50 and promoted as much as possible to EX, the strongest gears you have are maxed evolved already (especially the full Fourth World Set, LexCorp Set and League of Assassins Set), and if possible, Crit Chance and Crit Damage augmented up to 50% and at least 200%, respectively - because you will be dealing with characters that technically have higher damage and health stats than those stated in their card, and have insanely strong synergy with each other (watch out for the notorious Red Son and Arkham teams!), add to that the handicaps, specifically CHAOS, COUNTDOWN and DISABLED SPECIALS AND/OR SUPER, which make battles in this area excruciatingly and insanely difficult to deal with and pass through.

The characters on Battles 50, 51 and 52 are promoted to EVII, EVIII and EIX, respectively, but starting on Battle 53 onwards, ALL CHARACTERS ARE ELITE X (not to mention that starting at this point and on the following battles, characters are gradually rocketing past Level 50), and upon reaching the last fight on Battle 55 up to the very last fight on Bonus Battle 8, ALL CHARACTERS ARE ELITE X AND LEVEL 60! An unblocked SP1 which can deal more than 100K of damage or even a blocked SP2 spells instant death to your unlucky strongest character or even your whole team!

Watch out especially on Battle 54 for the Arkham team composed of Bane/Arkham Origins, The Joker/Arkham Origins and Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight due to the very strong synergy with each other - if you managed to knock-out Bane, it's very unlikely that a bar of power is not granted to Joker and Harley; if you managed to finish off The Joker, however, Harley Quinn is granted with 3 bars of power! Do not be even relieved when you have a planned victory on your hand - the Chaos handicap can disrupt your strategy and foil your plans completely. ... and not to mention you will face this team TWICE!

On Battle 55, aside from the Radiation on the 1st fight, it seems that there are no handicaps, and some teams almost or don't even have synergy with each other, so you can plan a strategy and time to rejoice? NO! On the 4th fight (composed of Aquaman/Prime, Aquaman/Flashpoint and Aquaman/Injustice 2) and last fight (composed of the three Dawn of Justice characters) of Battle 55, although there is neither Chaos nor Regeneration, it will seem almost impossible to pass through these with DISABLED SPECIAL 2 AND SUPER getting on your way - add to that a COUNTDOWN on the last fight! With this, it's probably better to rely on characters with a one-hit nuke on SP1, particularly Bane/Luchador and Batgirl/Cassandra Cain, when geared with the Cloak of Destiny, League of Assassins Adept Knives and LexCorp Gauntlets V2.



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Trivia Edit

  • For the Bonus Battle in Battle 6, upon clicking to it, there's a chance that the screen will NOT displays the enemies you'll be battling at all, but when clicking the "FIGHT" button, battle will resume as normal.
    IMG 0570

    Fighting against only 2 opponents.

  • There is also a chance for you to fight against only 2 enemies in the fight(s) with mystery opponents in Bonus Battle 6.
    IMG 0520

    This is what the screen will look like.