A Status effect is an effect applied to a character other than the direct damage of a basic attack,special attacks, or super moves .

When a status effect is attached to a special attack, the special in question generally has its damage lowered in compensation. Rare exceptions are Static/Prime, whose Taser Trap (Special 1) has no penalty despite being a Stun, Solomon Grundy/Red Son, whose Dead's Blood (Special 2) has no penalty despite being a Stun as well as Superman/Prime, whose Freeze Breath (Special 2) freezes targets at full damage.

Damage over timeEdit

These effects (also called DoT) deal damage against the opponent after the special to continuously inflict unblockable damage against the opponent. This cannot knock out characters, and will instead stop when they are brought to 1 health. For this reason, whenever possible, when hit with a strong damage over time effect at low health, the character should be allowed to fall to 1 health to cleanse the effect and then heal, instead of panic-healing immediately only to have their health depleted quickly again. This method is not effective, however, against Darkseid/Apokolips, as his bleed is never rinsed until tag-out and will continue to be attached to his opponent even after reaching 1 health.

Damage-over-time Specials will add on to a character's damage dealt. If the character that inflicted the effect switches out to another character, it will be shown as the latter has dealt damage.

There are two distinct ways for a damage over time effect to be applied: the first and more common type is the last hit of a special will apply the effect, and if that hit misses or is fully reflected by Static's disc, the DoT will not be applied. The second type applies the effect to the current opponent regardless of the above factors, and include Lobo/Bounty Hunter's passives, Aquaman/Injustice 2's passive (because when he rinses DOT off of him the DOT is put on the enemy before the first hit of the special even takes place) as well as the Astro-Harness.

Bleeding Edit

Poison Edit

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Mental Damage Edit

Disable SpecialEdit

  • Characters with specials disabled cannot use specials or super moves.
    • Flash/Elseworld and Hawkgirl/Regime can disable specials. Disabling some or all specials can be a permanent handicap in battles, and disable special on specials can be found on certain gear pieces.
  • Gear, such as the League Of Assassins Adept Hood can disable specials, but Super Moves can still be used.

Power DrainEdit



Batmobile shield

The starting and persistent animations of Militarized Batmobile's invulnerability.

  • Invulnerability prevents the user from taking any damage from basic attacks, special or super moves. The effect, such as those provided by The Batmobile, Astro-Harness and Green Lantern/John Stewart's passive, will also protect the user from all forms of status effects, except damage over time effects that can be applied while they are shielded and start affecting them after the invulnerability wears off. Bleed is an exception in that they will continue to damage the invulnerable character, but only at 1/6 of the normal damage.
    • Ares/Prime's To the Death (block disable) and Killer Frost's slow are unaffected by invulnerability.
    • Passive-based disable special will ignore invulnerability, but gear-based disables need to hit and will have no effect.
  • Superman/Injustice 2's passive gives him partial invulnerability as he will take no damage from the first special attack received upon tagging in, which includes any status effects from the special. It is not complete invulnerability, however, as he still takes normal damage from basic attacks and Super Moves.
  • Batman/Gaslight grants his teammates a chance to be Invulnerable from the opponent’s basic attacks for 6 seconds per tag-in. However, this does not apply to Batman himself.




A frozen character.

  • Freeze is similar to stun, however it cannot be resisted at all except by blocking, and it does not interact with stun bonus effects such as Batman/Insurgency and Hawkgirl/Earth 2's passives or Cloak of Destiny.
  • Previously Freeze keeps the opponent frozen until hit and the next hit deals double damage. These have been removed.
  • If a special both freezes and stuns (from a freeze special that applies gear stun), sometimes the character will be stunned instead of frozen, although stun-immune characters can still be frozen, while other times both effects apply.
  • If the freeze applies The Ibistick's burning effect, the burn will only start after freeze wears off, for the same amount of damage. Freeze will also pause various animations playing on the affected character.
  • Characters than can freeze are: Green Arrow/Prime, Green Arrow/Arrow, and Superman/Prime.
  • Killer Frost/Prime and Superman/Godfall have a freeze in the middle of their Special 2, but since it is part of a special it has no real impact other than its nature as a block breaker.
  • Boss version of Prison Superman in Bonus Battle 6 can utilize the Freeze Breath, though it is part of the Boss Specials Moveset.

Slow Edit

  • Slowed characters perform basic attacks at a greatly reduced speed, and are much easier to block and retaliate against.
  • Only The Flash/Elseworld and The Flash/Earth 2 are able to activate Slow.

Deep Freeze Edit

  • Characters in DEEP FREEZE perform basic attacks at a greatly reduced speed, and are much easier to block and retaliate against. They also generate power 50% slower.
  • Only Killer Frost/Prime, Killer Frost/Regime, and Green Arrow/Rebirth are able to activate DEEP FREEZE, though Green Arrow's DEEP FREEZE is very short-lived (about 1 second).

Cursed Edit

  • Only Darkseid/Apokolips can execute this status effect due to his passive.
  • Any unblocked damage coming from Darkseid or his teammates, basic or special, will crit against the cursed opponent until that opponent tags out of the match. However, Supermoves CANNOT Crit.