Bane/Knightfall being stunned by Batman/Beyond's SP1.

Stun is a common status effect that can prevent affected characters from taking most action, including the ability to block or tag; it is perhaps the deadliest effect in the game when fully exploited, as it leaves the affected character vulnerable to the full damage of ALL forms of  attacks, such as hits with critical attacks, and most importantly the enormous damage bonus from the Cloak of Destiny against stunned opponents.

Mechanics Edit

There are some relatively intricate mechanics regarding this status effect, as stun always last for a set duration of time (usually 5 seconds) or until an attack or attacks-sequence is completed on the stun character beforehand. Thus it's more volatile than other effects that tend to last for a set amount of time absent tag-out.

Stun Chance Edit

Nearly all stun effects cannot trigger on blocking characters (Cloak of Destiny, Bane/Luchador, Batman's Cowl, Fourth World Godly Helmet and LexCorp Gauntlets V2 are exceptions).

Stun Duration Edit

As described above, stun always last for ~ 5 seconds or unless an attack or attacks-sequence is completed on the stun character. However, if that attack has the capability to stun, the stun condition can be renewed (for example, if Hawkgirl/Prime is equipped with the Cloak of Destiny, upon tag in, she has a chance to stun due to the gear's effect. Then she can use her SP1 to stun the opponent again).

A light combo or a heavy combo will count as a sequence for the purpose of stun duration. It is not possible, however, to deal Combo Ender on a stunned opponent, with the odd exception of Static.

Characters and Effects That Employ Stun Edit

Stun chance can be found on different move sets from different characters, on different characters' passives, and on various gear, including the aforementioned Cloak of Destiny. Deadshot is very unique in that he has a small chance to stun on his combo ender, despite the fact that this is not mentioned in his passive. Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz Rebirth also has a chance to stun on her combo ender, but unlike Deadshot her stun chance is unblockable.

Characters With Built-in Stun on Special Attacks Edit

When a stun is found built-in on a character's special attack, there is usually an associated 50% damage penalty, meaning that if the move an SP1 does 10%~16.5% of the character's damage stat (depending upon upgrades) as a base, and, if an SP2, 30%~49.5%.

Characters With Passives that Can/Will Stun Edit

Gears That Grant Stun Chance Edit

Stun on Tag In Edit

Uses Edit

Stun would be a useful effect even if not there were no effects that referenced it, as it can set up unblocked special attacks for great damage, especially with teamwork between characters. With the Cloak of Destiny, however, a tagged-out character with enough readied power has the chance to set-up a devastating blow just tagging in.

Gear and Abilities that Offensively Reference Stun Edit

  • Cloak of Destiny: It cannot be stated enough times, but the fully-evolved Cloak's 200% damage bonus against stunned characters is enormous. It provides more damage than even native crit augmentation (a max of 250% minus the original 100%). The gear also gives crit damage boost. With the chance to stun on tag in, almost any tagged out character with this gear and power bars is a huge looming threat. The Cloak of Destiny is often paired with the League of Assassins Adept Knives, creating the ability to level an opponent's entire team with just one SP1 from a tagging-in character.
  • Batman/Insurgency: His basic attacks will do +200% more damage against stunned opponents (as opposed to the 300% stated in his passive). This doesn't usually translate into that much damage as stun can only last for one basic attack sequence, and a character with the Cloak of Destiny can replicate this effect easily enough on a basic attack sequence or a special.

Defending Against Stun Edit

As stun is one of the deadliest status effects in the game and inflicting it at a timely moment can be absolutely pivotal in a battle, the ability to prepare for it and to handle it when it occurs can be paramount.

Immunity against Stun Edit

Other Defenses Edit

There are a few informal defenses against stun if its mechanics or how it is employed are understood. Always blocking at the right moment and preventing the opponent from tagging in with a character on tag-in are the two ultimate tricks that will prevent Stun in nearly all cases.

  • Hawkgirl/Prime: By employing snares at the right moment, characters that can only stun on tag-in will be effectively neutralized.
  • Invulnerability: Invulnerable characters will be immune to hits and effects that can cause stuns. While the potentially granted invulnerability of Green Lantern/Jon Stewart is unreliable (as that effect requires vulnerability and a character with the Cloak of Destiny may be able to cleanly knock him out while avoiding that threshold), the invulnerability granted by the Militarized Batmobile can be useful in many ways. As Batman receives it after nuking an opponent, he can immunize himself to a character who can only stun on tag in that comes in after what is hopefully knockout, and if so reduce the number of spare characters on the opponent's team to boot (once the opponent's team has only one character, stun on tag in is useless).
  • Raven/Prime: Raven can trigger a health swap under the right conditions in the face of even a full-on Cloak-boosted attack.
  • Reverse Flash: Reverse Flash can reverse the effect of an entire special sequence even if the whole sequence did not engage against him.
  • Superman/Injustice 2: Superman 2 can mitigate one entire unblocked special attack sequence and almost any following effect if his own passive's shield effect is active. He can tag out and in to recharge the shield. If he is stunned, he is by definition unblocking.


  • It is possible for a freeze special to apply stun through stun gear; there seem to be two outcomes when this happens: both "Stunned" and "Frozen" appears, and the freeze animation is played, or only "Stunned" appears and the stun animation is played. The bonus damage only applies in the latter case.

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