Tag Team Pack
The Tag Team Pack contains 3 guaranteed cards: Luchador Bane, Hawkgirl/Prime, and New 52 Nightwing for 430,000 Power Credits.

As the name of the pack suggests, all the characters have a special effect upon tagging in: Luchador Bane gains 25% damage and has a chance to stun, New 52 Nightwing gains 100% basic damage, and Hawkgirl gets 100% basic damage plus a snare on tag in or out, as well as reducing the team's tag cooldown (normally 10 seconds) by 4 seconds.

As the three characters cost 575,000 credits to purchase (Luchador Bane and Hawkgirl otherwise have to be unlocked through challenges or many Challenge Booster Packs must be bought to randomly obtain them), this pack saves ~25% credits.

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