Locked Down? Edit

Just a question - why is every single page of this wiki locked down? It kinda deters the community from helping out with anything... Shrev64(Talk·Contribs)

Why do I feel like not that many people visit this page despite there are 50 MILLIONS players??!

New design is terrible, the old one was so clean and efficient, please revert back to it. thank U

Yes much agreed change back pls

Hey, the upcoming challenges are revealed on fb to be Animated Batman Beyond, Raven Prime, and Batgirl Prime. see here .

Perchance (talk) 00:03, June 3, 2016 (UTC)

Stats Edit

Is there a difference in stats if you add support cards and promote to Elite 7 when a character is lvl 1? 

~No. That would be quite the problematic design if that were the case, as then people would promote all their characters before buying the support cards, and then an update would peeve everyone off when it released a new character and they already owned its support cards. Perchance (talk) 19:59, June 18, 2016 (UTC)

Leveling Up Edit

I'm simply curious as to what method(s) people use to work on leveling up their characters most quickly.  Personally, I repeat the very last set of battles in the Play choice - beginning with Joker & two HQs.  It awards 29000 experience points (or so) for each battle won.  

Does anyone else do other approaches or have better suggestions?


~I would recommend grinding BB6 or Online Battles depending on the situation. BB6 generally gives out around 35,000 per battle with around 29,000 for the last battle. However, this stops and goes down to 1/10 of the value at Level 45, so from there, I would recommend Online Battle, as this rewards an unchanged amount of XP no matter the level of the character. -Oneanimal

-- Could you clarify what the acronym "BB6" is referring to please?  


~Bonus Battle 6 (The Star Battle in the 6th Section). It should start with a Mirror Match battle. -Oneanimal

Thank you for the clarification!  D

-- The Bonus Battle 7 doesn't do the experience award reduction for characters at level 45 or higher.  It awards approximately 29000 experience each battle for every character regardless of level.  So, 10 battles or so, will let me increase a level for the few Promotion X characters that have been earned more quickly.  I also use this for newly acquired characters to quickly level up.  Recently, I've managed to get all of my characters to level 50 and now am working on the few characters that have unlocked the Promotion X to reach level 60.  **CORRECTION** The Bonus Battle 7 DOES do experience award reduction after Level 53.


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