Terminology in Injustice mobile can be confusing for players new to the game or discussions.

The most prominent issue is how the different versions characters are addressed. The official terminology (as seen in challenges as well as Special Attack upgrade cards) is [Character name] [Version], e.g. Bane Arkham Origins, although some characters referred on packs will use [Version] [Character name]. However, among players, the version tend to be used before the name due to them being above the name on cards, and that they make sense as a prefix as they are "adjectives" to describe the character, e.g. Arkham Origins Bane.

The "original" version is generally called "[Character] Prime" or "Prime [Character]", such as Batman Prime.

Cards with longer names tend to be abbreviated; The Joker The Killing Joke is rarely referred to as such; even the alliance credit pop-up interface refers to him as "Killing Joke Joker", or "KJJ" for short among players.

An unusual example is Batman/Beyond Animated; his challenge and his card both uses "Batman Beyond" rather than "Batman" as his main name, with "Animated" as a prefix rather than suffix; he is generally called Animated Batman Beyond by players just like how it is in the game itself, or "ABB" for short. Zod/Man of Steel is technically "General Zod Man of Steel", but is not a separate character unlike Batman Beyond , and is usually just referred to as "MoS Zod".

On the other hand, due to formatting issues on this wiki, characters are referred as [Character name]/[Version].

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