Ares block breaker

Ares breaking block with God Smack.

An Unblockable attack cannot be blocked. They will deal the same damage and apply the same effects regardless of block. All super moves are unblockable, but can be resisted for up to 50% of their damage in Online Battles.

There is a subtle difference between an unblockable attack and a block breaking attack. The former has a wider definition; it includes unblockable moves used against an opponent who wasn't blocking in the first place. This is significant because a block breaking attack cannot crit (this is easily seen on Deathstroke/Arkham Origins's infamous special 1, the first hit cannot crit if it breaks block) (although it can still apply other gear effects, such as power drain, as normal) and can be affected by reflect special. Additionally, while Static's passive does not work against a block breaking special, Superman/Godfall's passive does work against a block breaking basic attack.

Previously, all inherent unblockable attacks are penalized by having their damage reduced by 50%. While the likes of Ares/Prime's God Smack are unblockable, they are technically a part of their passives and will be disabled in Dead Zone. Killer Frost/Prime's Black Ice is the first special to be at least partially unblockable without penalty and with no association to passives.

Unblockable attacks include:

Gears that grant unblockable basic attack chance are:

There are some specials that are not meant to be unblockable, but are glitched to occasionally cause you to randomly stop blocking.


  • During the 2.10 update, a bug prevented all unblockable attacks from working. Block breaking specials did not work, despite that full damage is still dealt. When such an attack was blocked, any attack used against the block-breaker user themselves would become a block breaker, but the damage is still halved for this kind of glitched block breakers. Partially block breaking specials (Superman/Godfall and Killer Frost/Prime's s2s) cannot break block either, but do not cause them to be unable to block hits. Specials that have a chance to break block on each hit (from Harley Quinn/Arkham's passive) functions like a normal block breaker attack. This issue was resolved in the 2.10.1 update.