The Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Pack is a new pack introduced in the 2.12 Update. It contains Wonder Woman/Prime, Wonder Woman/Regime, Wonder Woman/600, Wonder Woman/Dawn of Justice, her Support cards, and her Sword and Shield gear for 750,000 Power Credits.

Wonder Woman Pack
WW Pack descriptions

The pack's descriptions as seen in the store!


  • Both this and the Arkham Pack/Arkham Asylum Pack are the most expensive packs in the game!
  • It was first introduced (as said) on Woman Woman's anniversary day, October 21st of 2016, and is only available until October 27th.
  • This pack offers the most guaranteed characters out of all other packs in the game.
  • During a repeat introduction, it was at 50% off; at only 375,000 credits, Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman alone (395,000) is worth more than its price.